Qotd: How do you open presents Aotd: my family opens them in order from youngest to oldest How about you👇 #gift #reindeer #christmastime🎄 #christmastradition #bestholidayever #christmas #merryandbright #merrychristmas #snowman #bestholidayever

Christmas eve box treats , what goes into yours. #christmas #christmastradition #christmasevebox

#DidYouKnow 88% of Office Managers felt that holiday décor had a positive impact on employee wellbeing!⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ Have you prepared for the holidays?

Wish my tree could be up all year round. Im going to try my tree without lights this year. What do we think lights or no lights on a tree . #christmastradition #christmastree #instachristmas #dissydecs

🎡 F A M I L Y T R A D I T I O N S 🎡 Every year my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary staying at a Hotel du vin, having got married in the Henley one 3 years ago. We aim to repeat this new tradition for as long as we can which should mean we get to know all 15 rather well 👵🏻👴🏻 This year we are trying Cheltenham. These trips are always so happy and refuelling for me as I re-live the joy and love I felt on our wedding day and spend time focusing on our relationship 💞💞💞. - - - But I’ve also experienced really destructive family traditions ☠️👩‍👧‍👧. For so many years, Christmas has been a very challenging time for me in my family and one that framed my view of the holiday in a very negative way. For years I fought it, hated it, avoided it, it made me miserable and was a great source of anxiety for me to the point where I created a new negative reality around it. It wasn’t necessarily true, but felt very real to me and I shared that feeling with everyone around me. I would literally ruin Christmas before it could be ruined for me. What a tradition! It wasn’t until I owned this and my contribution to it that I made the choice to break this tradition and choose something different. The external influences that make this holiday challenging for me are still there, but how I let it affect me is very different. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a work in progress, as is everything worth doing, but I am free as a result of breaking this tradition, this repeating cycle that wasn’t working for me. - - - What traditions do you have in your family? What impact do they have on you? What’s your contribution to them? What would be a move towards better? What commitment will you make towards this? #familytraditions #tradish #howitsalwaysbeendone #challengethestatusquo #statusquo #itstradition #lovechristmas #christmas #christmastradition #anniversarylols #anniversarycelebrations #3years #3yearstogether #choosebetter #choiceful #thinkdifferently #brightyellowcoaching #hotelduvin #cheltenham @hotelduvin

Pssst...we want to give the 411 on the newest Christmas tradition before the holiday craziness starts! @reindeerinhere is the first gift of the holiday season. He is sent by Santa to get to know each individual child and celebrate that different is normal! Everyday they go on adventures and Reindeer learns all about what your child likes, dislikes, dreams, about family and friends and their Christmas wishes! Your child can cuddle, hold, and take reindeer everywhere (and you don't have to move Reindeer to a new location at all 😉). Each child is unique. Help celebrate that uniqueness with Reindeer and let your child know different is normal! #normanshallmark #hallmark #reindeerinhere

Which movie is better Santa Clause is Coming to Town or Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer #reindeer #bestholidayever #merryandbright #snowman #merrychristmas #gift #christmastime🎄 #christmastradition

Who had one like this? Does your daughter have one too? You can pre-order them now! Set to arrive in late September, but preorder now go reserve your size. Shipping is free with $50 purchase. #trafficlaneboutique #pineprairie #nightgown #christmas #traditions #girlsinthesouth #girlclothes #preorder #linkinbio👆 #christmastradition