If someone wants entertainment for the day, you can thank Capt-Gerad Merritt 😂🙈 #southtexas #texas #hunting #stickit #nobogdeal #hesstillangry #outdoors

If someone wants entertainment for the day, you can thank Capt-Gerad Merritt 😂🙈 #southtexas #texas #hunting #stickit #nobogdeal #hesstillangry #outdoors

Don't wear much jewelry? Well you can still "Stick It"....on your cell phone, computer, car dash and more! I get so many compliments on mine! #stickit #locket #charms #origamiowl

I’m looking for that magic month. You know, those magical mornings of being woken up by bugling bulls, having one on your back to pack out, falling asleep at night to the creeks, but most of all sharing those memories in the high country. I’m looking for September. Skip the summer and bring me to the fall...the heat blows. #september #highcountry #mountains #elk #beasts #archery #blood #therapy #stickit #idaho #creek #beds #sweat #tears #blowme #earnit #six #or #bust #feedme

EVIDENCE // we’ve been struggling with night waking in our youngest poppet lately (lucky he’s cute) after a heavenly couple of months of sleeping through (I knew it’d be too good to last!) #thankgodforcoffee right on cue, the ads for sleep training started rolling through my Facebook feed ( #pissoff) and it got me wondering, what does the research say?! Lucky for me a new systematic review was published in January that looked at all the research to date and what did it find?! At 6 months babies will often wake 1-3 times per night with/without a feed. That said - results should be taken with caution due to large differences in study designs. So even though I’m surviving on coffee at least I can continue to tell the sleep sites to #stickit cause night waking is totally normal! Link to article in bio xx

Hammering out the decals! 4"x1.5" and 6"x1.75" size decals. For all your decal needs DM us! Apparel also available :) ➡ T-Shirts ➡ Hoodies ➡ Tank tops Have a great night! ✌

Even in her dreams she has gymnastics on the brain. 😴💭 This morning I woke up to my little sleep-talker screaming “no you don’t mom. No you don’t mom. NO, you DON’T MOM!!” As usual I slowly start talking to her to see if she’ll keep the convo going & maybe figure out what she’s dreaming about and why she’s so pissed at me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Suddenly her eyes pop open and she looks deep into my soul & with the max amount of attitude says, “You just told me that when I jump off of something at gymnastics I’m supposed to just rub my hair or something, like I’m washing my hair or something, but that’s NOT what you do. You’re supposed to stick the landing MOM!” #truestory #herexactwords I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so upset with me.🙍🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂