Ride or die motherfuckers! We’re stoked to get the TMNT Party Wagon Pin in the shittty shop. Grab one before there’s pizza grease all over the interior. New this week! • • • • • @otherworldshop #shitttystufff

Goodbye, pussycat. Meow! Jennifer North Pins have graced the shittty shop. This soft enamel pin featuring Sharon Tate from Valley of the Dolls comes complete with prescription pill bottle from the film. Link in bio! 💊💊💊 • • • • • @demonicpinfestation #shitttystufff

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Do you think aliens watch alien porn or human porn? Extraterrestrials Tracking Patch is back in the shittty shop today! It glows in the dark too. Link in bio. • • • • • @maidenvoyageco #shitttystufff

In the old days, the penis balloon maker was one of the most beloved shopkeepers in town. Now you’re lucky to find anyone who remembers this dying art. Sad. #supportyourlocalpenisballoonmaker #thatlookslikeadick #penisart #shitttystufff

The best paint is the kind that drops bombs. War Paint Pins are new in the shop. Link in bio! • • • • • @juce_gace #shitttystufff

Get ready for speeches with sinister and powerful overtones because Evil Morty just hit the shittty shop. New today! • • • • • @otherworldshop #shitttystufff

When you’re evil and you love it. 😈 We’ve been tearing up @oc_nightmarket all weekend like this nasty motherfucker. Last day to get shittty with @enamelalley at the OC Fairgrounds! Shop our massive collection in person from 4-11pm today or click the link in our bio to snag this Friends in Low Places Patch! • • • • • @ghost4hire #shitttystufff

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The only friend a girl needs. Good Vibes Pin is brand new in the shittty shop! • • • • • @butchandsissy #shitttystufff

It’s not Hennifer Lopez! Link in bio. 🌮 • • • • • @wwwhiteyyy #shitttystufff

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If you live in SoCal, your weekend just got a lot shitttier! We’re super stoked to thrown down (and throw up) at @oc_nightmarket with @enamelalley! Food, music, art, shops, games, and a shit load of badass pin makers. $5 entry. Friday through Sunday. 4pm-12am. See you there, OC shittties! #shitttystufff

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, cat butts are finally back again! Patches restocked in the shittty shop for only $4 bucks. Link in bio! • • • • • @electricferretinc #shitttystufff

@tfail Pharen L’lee backpatch cut, fitted and sewn by @theupcycledpunk on stonewashed @torridfashion vest with @shitttystufff middle finger button. #tfail #tfailforever #customizeddenim #shitttystufff #demimvest #backpatch

Would you claim responsibility for the big salad under false pretenses? Link in bio! • • • • • @midnightdogs #shitttystufff