The shittty is going down in Orange County and it’s FREE! We’re stoked for Patches and Pins Festival this Saturday hosted by @patchesandpinsexpo at @4thstreetmarket. And damn — look at this crazy roster! (Sorry if we missed anyone 💩) Free pin for first 200 shitheads, so get there early. Music, food, drinks, art, car show, and your favorite shitheads! We have so much new shittt to share with you. See ya there! #shitttystufff

If you’re wondering why your tastebuds are tingling, it’s because we just added these Meat Tacos Pins to the shittty shop! They’re handmade, one of a kind, and super detailed. You got your pink taco, dark meat taco, mixed meat taco, and even a pierced taco! Guessing these tasty ladies will go fast. Link in bio! 🌮 🌮 🌮 • • • • • @camillesmooch #shitttystufff

Current mood all day everyday. This new pin comes in white enamel too! Link to the shittty shop in our bio! • • • • • @quarterpresspics #shitttystufff

These munchies munch on you. New food creep stickers in the shittty shop! Plus restock on some shittty favs too. Link in bio! Search our Sticker Collection for tons more! • • • • • @evileyeprints #shitttystufff

Has Rick ever steered you wrong before? Wait. Don’t answer that. New pin added to the shittty shop today! Link in bio! • • • • • @pugnaciouspins #shitttystufff

When you’re ready to accept that everyone knows exactly what’s on your mind — we got you, boo. Snag a Sin Patch via the link in our bio! Design comes as an enamel pin too. 👹 • • • • • @coldtoes #shitttystufff

Nazis have notoriously small penises. Some are so tiny, they can fit on a button. Snag a Nazi Dicks Fuck Off Button for only $1 in the shittty shop!! • • • • • @shitttystufff #shitttystufff

Shitmas came early this year! We recently restocked the Leg Lamp Pin in glitter. Link in bio! • • • • • @bunceandbean #shitttystufff

Butt first, cake! We added this NEW Cake Butt Patch to the shittty shop today and it’s so fucking delicious. Link in bio! 🍰🍑 • • • • • @camillesmooch #shitttystufff

The cold hard truth #shitttystufff

Midnight dreams of peen and ween. New Alien Abduction Patch on canvas. Only $5 bucks! Link in bio 🛸🛸🛸 • • • • • @print_ritual #shitttystufff

No thank you then. Black forever, bitches! New pin in the shittty shop. Link in bio. • • • • • @jiniandtonic #shitttystufff

Jizz-us Christ, you guys. The Trumpenis Sticker is restocked in the shittty shop! Link in bio. • • • • • @shitttystufff #shitttystufff

We restocked the Stripper-dile Patch today and this scaly bitch won’t stop twerking all over the place! She always sells out fast and we have limited quantities. Don’t wait! Link in profile. • • • • • @besubtlepins #shitttystufff

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s going to die, come watch TV. Running low on these badass Stained Glass Rick Pins! Link in bio. • • • • • @steez.mcgee #shitttystufff

I love @shitttystufff! #RepostSave @shitttystufff with @repostsaveapp ・・・ It’s always the fucking husband. True crime shitheads can snag this new pin in the shittty shop! Now available. • • • • • @jiniandtonic #shitttystufff

It’s always the fucking husband. True crime shitheads can snag this new pin in the shittty shop! Now available. • • • • • @jiniandtonic #shitttystufff

He’s the woooorst and you love him for it. Snag this Ralphio in Peace Pin via the link in our bio! • • • • • @couplestherapyco #shitttystufff

Keep trying to kill me, bitch. I dare you. Grab a Legends Never Die Patch in the shittty shop! Link in bio. • • • • • @enemysupplyco #shitttystufff