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☺︎ 8/17途中報告 . . おはようございます。 朝は徐々に秋っぽくなってきた感じがします。 明け方の風がとっても気持ちよかったです😊 . 起床後ジムへ クロストレーナー1H 朝ごはん①プロテインオートミール70、豆乳 出勤 朝ごはん②卵白おからスコーン(卵白2)、野菜←今ココ . 今日は久しぶりに仕事します 1日頑張りましょ〜🙌 . . #rizap #training #workout #personaltrainer #personaltraining #lowcarb #diet #ライザップ #トレーニング #ワークアウト #パーソナルトレーナー #パーソナルトレーニング #ローカーボ #糖質制限 #糖質制限ダイエット #ダイエット #ダイエット仲間募集 #筋トレ #筋トレ女子

The most common request I get besides weight loss tips is “ I want to “tone” (not a real thing) my arms.” You won’t create any sort of biceps size but neglecting them. To put it simply , you need hundreds of reps to make them respond. Proper nutrition and sleep helps considerably but you need to pay attention and focus on them exclusively weekly. #personaltrainer #fitfam #fitness #personaltraining #ffasc #funfitcle #fitnessmotivation

Visit the link in my bio to find out how you can add 1 inch to your arms in just 30 days! . . You want bigger arms? . . Of course you do... it's probably one of the main reasons you follow me. . . So I'm going to reveal to you one of my "secrets" that has helped me build a great set of arms over the past few years... . . Ready? . . Train your arms 2 days in a row! . . Yep! That's right. . . Train your arms 2 days in a row! . . Now, nothing should change with the first workout. So whether or not you hit biceps and triceps together, or you split them up and train them after a larger body part, keep that the same. . . What's going to be different though, is the next day, before you do anything, train with again with about 6-8 sets of higher rep movements. Make sure to select exercises with strong resistance profiles, something that will really work them in the shortened/contracted positions. . . This technique, known as Neuromuscular Frequency Training is going to be initiate 3 key responses within those muscles. . - Prolonged Protein Synthesis . - Enhanced Feedback . - Enhanced Muscle Responsiveness . . This is not a technique that should be practiced year round. But by implementing it for short timeframes, 6 to 8 weeks, every 3 to 4 months, will increase your ability to contract those muscles, improving how well they respond to the training, and lead to increased significant growth in both size and strength. . . You can't have a MASSTHETIC PHYSIQUE without great biceps and triceps. So add NFT to your arm training, and begin to experience the gains. . . Remember to tag your homies who need bigger arms! . . #I3Training #FrankRich #MasstheticMuscle #ArmDay #Armageddon

@wish2fit Has recently finished his studies with us at FIT College and already found a job as a personal trainer at @plusfitnesscurrambine We love seeing all those who study with us succeed and genuinely care and will help all those willing to put the effort in He has continued his study with doing group classes below - Bolly Active Fitness Instructor (Dance HIIT/Cardio) Metafit Coach Currently Studying: Professional Pilates Matwork & Reformers (cert III & IV) Currently undertaking mentorship : @trainerswa Here is some information about Wish and his Journey to become a personal trainer. My journey: Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness, Proper Nutrition that was me something I really fantasized about for long but never implemented within me, With this fantasy, I happened to emerge this passion for FITNESS and decided to attain my qualifications & certifications into Fitness through FIT COLLEGE with an aspiration of helping people get fitter, healthier and happier. A very simple thought of putting a smile & confidence on their faces! Positivity like this is contagious, so not only I then will feel satisfied and rewarded by my work, but it’s likely that I will feel happier too. I have only one life, why not make the most of ! In having this big impact on someone’s life by completely changing their lives by motivating and improve their health and fitness levels, incredibly self-satisfying thought. WHY I CHOSE FIT COLLEGE: Fit college is an leading fitness educator in AUSTRALIA Provided high quality practical and varied learning materials, and a broad range of interesting and helpful resources to help in learning. More knowledge, More practical experiences, More fun, More time to develop skills as a Personal Trainer. FIT College was the best to help become a personal trainer. Last but not the least big shout out to the best tutors of fit college (TYSON/CHRIS/VICTOR) for there support Qualities I posses: Patience Honesty Professionalism Empathy Compassion "Take action. Decide what you want or what will make you happy, put yourself first for once and start working towards it. Don't wait for the perfect time to start, start now"

I think they are “dog tired” #fitness #personaltraining #TrainerTravels #StayStrong💪🏻

Riding the struggle bus on this high volume glute workout sesh with @chris_st.gainz today ! One of the things i love about training with other trainers is they will push you to do things you may had never thought of, or might not be as confident to do on your own ! #eventrainersneedtrainers #legday #gluteworkout #workforit

Self efficacy... it’s a GAME CHANGER! what is it?? How is yours... 🤔 - Self Efficacy is the belief in yourself that you're able to be successful at something specific. Self efficacy reflects confidence in ones ability to control his/hers motivation, behavior, and social environment. 👌🏽 - I had ZERO self efficacy until I started to become decent at basketball and when I developed a passion for health and fitness. I started accomplishing things in basketball and health/fitness that I had no idea I could. Seeing these accomplishments have helped me tremendously in life more than just in those related fields. 🏀👍🏽 - Figure out how to improve your self efficacy and watch your life drastically improve. Let’s face it, you’re the only one who can ‘Shoot your shot’ anyways. #FitAF #Fitnessbyaf 💪🏽 - 📸- @brianeng1er

DON’T ATTEMPT TRYING TO GAIN MUSCLE AND LOSE FAT AT THE SAME TIME It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE. No, you can’t turn a fat cell into a muscle cell lol they’re 2 completely different cells. Unless you’re new to lifting, regaining lost muscle after a long break away from the gym, a genetic freak, or on a heavy steroid cycle you need to pick one or the other. Either bulk OR cut, don’t attempt both at the same time. You’ll spin your wheels and look the same month after month year after year believe me I’ve tried😂

Gotta eat when you want gains! 🌀shout out to @malibueatery Redondo Beach for the meal! 💪 worked hard in the gym today with my boy @tommycassano that I had to have two meals for lunch! ✅👌 .. .. .. We worked legs. I am nursing a groin pull and today was the first day I squatted in almost a month. The workout was: Warm up with Squats with the bar, 2 x10 Body weight Bulgarian split squats 2x8 Working set was Squat 15 x 4 (only 135lbs today) super settled with Bulgarian split squats with dbs in hand (30lbs in each) Then we did Hang cleans 5x4 (got up to a sloppy 4 at 225lbs for the last set) and Strict shoulder press 4x8 Followed by a 10 rep quick set of hang cleans at 135 as fast as possible. Then we hit leg press, 5x15 405lbs Combo-Ed with dB shrugs. 100lbs each Then I moved to single leg extensions 4x 10each Then dbl leg extensions 3x15 Standing machine hamy curls came next 4x10 each leg Back extensions with a 45lb plate at the chest 3x10 And then finished with a 5min straight an circuit. STRETCH!!!!! 🌀🌀🌀 .. .. .. All in all, it was an easy day 😉👊lightweight and a good sweat 💯 . . . #personaltrainer #personaltraining #beast #beastmode #getit #nodaysoff #manhattanbeach #24hrfitness . . For privates DM or Email

DO DIETS WORK?? Yes? No? Maybe? (FULL VID ON MY FB PAGE) Do what works for you until it no longer works for you... Then embrace the opportunity to try something new... But ALWAYS, continuing to move towards what you ultimately want to experience from this JOURNEY... Have fun, love what you do, keep pressing forward 👊😉 #diets #programs #systems #domesticathlete #restoreaction #humanperformancecoach #fitdads #personaltraining #theawakenedbody #fitness #spiritlab #holisticlifestylecoaching #chekHLC #intuitive #reikimaster #lifegoals #senseofpurpose #power #persistence #passion #vision #legacy #selfdiscovery #toronto #aurora #newmarket

ICYMI— back to school, back to routines💪🏼 - - - “We know college is stressful—between juggling a full load of classes, your position on Panhellenic council, and your kick-ass internship at the PR firm, who has time for a workout?! That's why we’ve put together this 25 minute workout that can be done from your dorm room—no gym or equipment required!” - - - #backtoschool #routine #college #riseandgrind #workoutanywhere

Sonja had a great session this morning 💪🏼 we focused on frogs, shoulder press, planking, slam balls, push ups and TRX high rows 🙌🏼😌 Sonja has had a great week of training! Plus she got a massive PB in her plank for time with a time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds 💪🏼 how good is that!