No dogs but lovely light coming through the trees on yesterday's walk. #summer #light #sunshine #woodland

With venom and hatred in his voice, he screamed “you’re living in a fantasy world, not reality” 🖤✨🖤 He went on to verbally rip her to shreds. As she felt the daggers pierce her heart, she felt herself get whisked away in a hurricane of emotions. 🖤✨🖤 Shock, disbelief, deep sadness, anger, frustration, confusion. She thought he loved her. How could he say such hateful things about her? 🖤✨🖤 When her world stopped spinning, the grief remained, but a conscious recognition and acceptance of herself settled into her being. She knew who she was and had nothing to prove. 🖤✨🖤 She was indeed living in a fantasy world of sorts. One that she was consciously creating and felt joy and gratitude for. 🖤✨🖤 She was not self centered as he criticized her to be, but centered in self. She has worked hard and has developed strong boundaries. She honors herself and her needs so that she can be of greater service to others. Others learn by her living example. She is a gift to this world. 🖤✨🖤 She is a light. A love. And those that can receive her gifts are deeply grateful for who she is. 🖤✨🖤 In a world of dark and light, we get to choose. That is our power! 🖤✨🖤 Lean into the love, the light and live in a fantasy world when you can. We get whatever we give our attention to. We make choices all day long. 🖤✨🖤 What are you choosing? 🖤✨🖤 You deserve the very best that this world has to offer! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨ 📸: @hobopeeba #sparkfireforlove #light #love #selflove #boundaries #selfawareness #selfacceptance #empath #intuitive #kindess #beyou #doyou #fantasy #create #dream #vision #spiritual #growth #choice #angels

Light of Hope 💡🙏 . . . #Light #Girl #vsco #eos