Never 2 far 4 Lee's Jewelry. Comin to a Far Rockaway near you. Please come out and get bejeweled. #icy #jewels #gems #accessories #livingmybestlife On behalf of Lissy....for more information go to Lissy Perez Gonzalez or Lee's Jewelry on facebook.

👌🏻💁🏼‍♀️ slingor freehand / folie #icy #goldwell #frisörtorgetleksand

Who loves ice baths?!? ❄️🛁 . Well if you do, you may be in luck. And if you don’t, well, you may want to learn to like them. Here’s why: . You may have noticed the recent push for cryotherapy, which often involves the use of fancy, expensive equipment. But all it really means is therapy via exposure to really cold temperatures. You don’t have to be a highly-paid athlete to take advantage of cold water. Research shows that exposure to cold temperatures, like an ice bath, helps reduce pain and inflammation and also may boost your immune system with consistent therapy. And that doesn’t sound too bad...

Well, that’s that. I’m too picky about my blonde. I just couldn’t take the colour anymore. @pulpriothair #BlankCanvas is a lifesaver! Pulled the rainbow out, then hit the darker spots in back with #BlondeAF & mixed the rest into a shampoo cap before washing. Toned with a combination of #silver & #icy (roughly 3:1). I may or may not add a few touches of #pastel (colour yet to be determined) later... we’ll see. 😉 #andwhatdidyoudothismorning

We've had our work cut out today with this amazing colour correction. This process took 3 hours and a toner has been applied to get ride of any more unwanted yellow tones without damaging the hair. 80% of highlights we do in salon do require toners.. Not everyone wants the bleached look #wellacolor #wellasalon #wellauk #colourcorrection #icy #blondehair #weloveourjob #happycustomer #healthyhair #longhair #illuminawella


Who needs some ice in their life? ❄🙋‍♀️ 💇‍♀️: @kc_hairstylistchs

Pack your essentials to enjoy the relaxing weekends in lagoon style. #HEBeInteresting #ICY #Lagoon

Beep test rlly got to us. But we stay #icy