Trill Sailor: You can never readily maintain a resource control of your mind; lack of focus and grit, procrastination, or weak-willed: you must stay conditioned mentally. The mind is your control center. The moment you lose control, you lose all sense of what was yours. Control it! Deliver your direction! Remain on guard! Always be at the ready! . . . #trillsailor #unlikelydestiny #lifestyle #motivationalquotes #success #postoftheday #millionaire #nevergiveup #beinspired #billionaire #boss #business #businesscoach #businessowner #entrepreneur #goals #happiness #hustle #inspire #luxury #marketing #millionairemindset #moneydouble #awesome #beautifulday #golidaymoves #freedom #f4f #jimrohn

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Happy Birthday to my best friend, soulmate, partner-in-crime, my jaan, my hubby and my everything. If i say i have the best memories in Canada then then most of them are with you. You are one of my closest people i made in Canada. I am so glad we are roommates. People say its so hard to be friends with roommates but we broke the norm! Lol at first i hated so much and judged you so bad but i al glad we came through our differences and made that our strongest point. You are a truly a blessing in my life. I have never came across this genuine, amazing, pure and fun person in my life. I cannot tell you how lucky i am to have you in my life. Many people came to your life and left but the only few people made it through your heart and I am so glad i am one of them. I know i tell you all the time that I love you and everything but i never told you that what an amazing sweetheart you are! Always stay how your are and don’t let negativity even effect you a bit! Honestly, I cannot even accept the fact that you are leaving me and you will be gone. I am still so shooked that I cannot even cry but I am so happy proud of the person you have become! Just look at yourself, independent, strong and an inspirational girl. Not only me, alot of girls wish to have what you made for yourself and Ma’sha’Allah nothing but respect and lots of love and duaas for you till you achieve more and get all you deserve and desire. Ameen. Last and not the least have a safe journey, do have lots of fun and don’t forget me :( And yeah I won’t miss you at all! I am so happyy 😝😝 Finallyy pecha chutah 🤣🤣 please kisi aur koh dhond liyo lakin khabi merey koh replace maat kariyon -,- orelse you know what i can do :3 okayy too cheeseyy and too much love ewww byeee! 🌚🌚 . . . . . . . 🎶 Alvida yaara alvida Ho rahe tumse hum judaa Le chale saare gham tere Khush rahe yaara tu sadaa Tumse bhi zyada hongi Ab yaadein pyaariyan Hum dono ki hain apni apni lachariyaan Ab hanste hanste tumpe le khushiyaan vaariyaan 🎶 HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY HUBBYYY 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #bestfriend #goals #birthday #missing #love #instagood #instadaily #instagramers #blogger

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