#sustainableswapsunday 🌱 // did you know most tea bags contain #plastic? I was shocked to discover this fairly recently. I love herbal tea and drink one every night before bed. Camomile is my favourite (pictured, bottom left)! The transition to loose tea took a while for me, as I love @pukkaherbs teas! While their teabags are #plasticfree I could no longer justify the individual packaging for each tea bag and decided it was time to make a change. I love using loose leaf tea and so far I’ve found it to be more affordable that buying tea bags! I don’t have a teapot yet (i’m on the hunt for the perfect second hand one at my local flea markets) so I currently use an individual tea strainer. You can even use a French press if you have one already! Check the second picture on this post for a guide on which teabags contain plastic. #plasticfreetea #yayforearth

В последний день #экосларой я пошла на мастер-класс разрисовывать свою тканевую сумку 🙌🏻 Кажется, вышло здорово)

Using Ramadan to reconnect with yourself, with family, friends and with nature! When did you last spend time entirely surrounded by nature? Without phones, emails, WhatsApp? As humans we have a special connection to nature, and Islam strengthens this connection. Whether discussing about the beginning of Ramadan (and if the moon was visible) because as Muslims you’re following the lunar calendar, whether you’re doing your ablution with water for prayer or even prostrate on earth. Yet we now spend most time not realizing, how nature affect us in all of this, it’s time to go out and reconnect with nature! It not only makes us feel better emotionally, but also contributes to our physical wellbeing. Much more reduce heart rate and blood pressure. All this just by spending some time in nature. So go out an refresh your sense, and feed your soul with nature. Here are some tips: 👉Go for a walk! Take some time and plan it – do a little research for enjoyable and nature-filled walks in your area. Keep your attention in the present and observe! Use your senses: see, smell and feel nature! 👉Grow something! Pot up a herb plant, sow some seeds or plant a fruit tree. Make the growing process more enjoyable by choosing to grow something you use regularly or love to eat or cook with. (Thanks to by blossoms at larne for this!) Remember as well the prophet Muhammad saying: “If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (sadaqah) for him.” 👉Pick local grown food! The way we consume food doesn’t help us feel connected with how its produced. This leads to us becoming more alienated from our environment and the natural processes that surround us. By foraging for something that grows wild you can instantly feel a strong connection to the earth. This kind of rediscovering and reconnecting with the sacredness of nature as it is describes in Quran. The combination of reestablishing our link with nature’s ecology and a deeper God-consciousness (tawhid) fosters a heightened awareness of God as creator. So try it! 💚 pic: @nabila_bushra_

Another beautiful day in Toronto! The family and I thought we’d take advantage of it and spend some time outside working on the yard. Ever see your mom mow the lawn? I never did! I like doing this chore to show my girls that there are no “daddy” or “mommy” jobs. That being said, I never take out the garbage....😏 I’m using our push mower which was a purchase from last year. There are so many benefits to it! Obviously our favourite is that the only kind of power it requires is muscle power! 💪🏽 It’s a great workout, and it’s a lot safer than your average mower. See how I’m in flip-flops? We like the look we get on our lawn although sometimes we tease and say it looks like it got a bad haircut. 😆 Anyhow, that’s all for today! What are you beautiful people up to? Anyone else planning on being outside? - #itllgrowback #youcandoitputyourbackintoit #greenmum #torontomoms #girlpower #musclepower #ecoblogger #activelifestyle #pushmower #mowingthelawn #gardenwork #zeroemissions

Surprise adventure to Portland this weekend! Trying to have more #nearby trips this year and explore the #pacificnorthwest . . Best side effect? Lower environmental impact! Driving is easier on the environment, so we are slimming down our flying this year. . . So far the favorites are the fountain next to the Saturday market, riding a firetruck at the fair next door, and drinking orange juice and watching Spongebob this morning. We know how to go big! . . #pacificnorthwestisbest #experiencesnotthings #greenmom #ecomom #ecoblogger #sustainability #sustainable #lesswaste #lowwaste #climatechange #exploring

[Werbung, PR Samples] Habt ihr euch schon mal mit dem Thema nachhaltige Printprodukte auseinandergesetzt🌿? Ich habe in Kooperation mit @dieumweltdruckerei ein bisschen was für euch zu diesem Thema auf meinem Blog geschrieben - den Link findet ihr in der Bio. Schaut gerne mal vorbei, ich würde mich freuen!😊 _________________________________ #nachhaltigleben #nachhaltigkeit #ecofriendly #sustainability #lesswaste #gogreen #greenlife #greenblogger #lessismore #ecoblogger #eco #öko #ökolife #greenhome #printprodukte #dieumweltdruckerei #recyclingpapier #prsample #greenisgood #newarticle #newblogpost #greenlifestyle #ecoswitch #blauerengel #greenproducts #grünealternative #wenigermüll #wenigerplastik #greenliving #keinplastik

Algo tienen los cementerios que me fascinan. Quizás sea que los gallegos tenemos un respeto a la muerte muy arraigado a nuestra cultura. . . Las historias populares de la Santa Compaña contaban como las almas se aparecían a aquellos a los que se les avecinaba la muerte. Realidad o mitología todo buen gallego sabe que es mejor no reírse del saber popular. . . Hoy he visitado el cementerio de Montjuic. Un museo al aire libre que vale la pena recorrer. No es una cuestión religiosa, es una cuestión artística e histórica con difícil paragón. . . Tener la muerte tan presente es mi manera de disfrutar de la vida a cada instante. Quizás sea absurdo para muchos...pero al final...qué hay más absurdo que negar la evidencia. . . #viveelpresente #aquiyahora #vidasolohayuna #atreveteavivirla #atreveteaserfeliz #disfrutacadamomento #disfrutadelascosaspequeñas #montjuic #barcelona #lugaresconencanto. . . #EfectoGreen #blogvidaslow #Blogvidasana #blogvidanatural #Blogvidasaludable #ecoblogger

Many products and lifestyle choices we accepted as the norm are actually anti-products. Bad quality, social injustice, less product, more packaging, monocultures, pesticides, loss of habitat, loss of biodiversity, expensive and bad taste - all these qualities and so much more can be found in a single bag of tea. How about we support local products, consume seasonal, demand good work, pay fair wages, plan ahead and have the foresight to plan for a cup of tea without destroying our environment. With a bit of goodwill... . . . #consumeless #consciousconsumer #ecoconscious #personalresponsability #organic #savemoney #mindfulliving #goingzerowaste #zerowaste #wholefood #rainbowgrocery #eatgoodfeelgood #eatrealfood #iamwellandgood #simplejoys #simplefood #simpleliving #noplastic #cleanoceans #ecofriendly #sustainable #gogreen #organicfood #ecoblogger #plasticfree #wellnessblogger #plastic #alternative #community

Day 21. Today my beautiful friend who I met here on the first day on our arrival told me something that really resonated with me. Her beloved guru explained her that we think we choose to come to India , we think we choose to go online and buy this ticket at this particular time, we choose to plan it all. But this could not be more far from the truth. ‘ This has already been decided for me. Ganga knew before me that I will be here. Experiencing and tasting all of this. We only can control and plan so much. Beyond there are powers greater than us. They know better which way to lead us and when💗

- я как кашелка с этими кошелками? - нет, дорогая, ты в тренде 😜 с пакетами смотрелась бы хуже.... Не знаю, как относиться к подобным комплиментам, но к пакетам, надеюсь, я никогда не вернусь. Кстати, авоська у меня настоящая советская, бережно сохраненная отцом свекрови и подаренная мне за ненадобностью 😜 очень ее полюбила и планирую выпросить еще парочку, как поедем в гости 🙄

Mit Soul statt mit Plastik. 💚Das macht Sinn. Und schön sind sie auch noch! Macht also gleich doppelt Sinn und gleichzeitig Spaß. Gestern und vorgestern hab ich leider grad erst wieder festgestellt wir achtlos viele mit Einweg-Plastikflaschen umgehen. 🙄 Wer braucht die bitte??? Wir haben das beste Wasser direkt aus der Leitung. Und es gibt mittlerweile so viele schöne Trinkflaschen aus Glas oder Edelstahl. Also lässt euch bitte nicht für blöd verkaufen von all den Konzernen die Wasser in Plastikflaschen teuer verkaufen. Unsere Version der Soulbottle #diemitdemvogel kann man in 0,6 und in 1,0 Liter bei uns auch kaufen. Und der Refill mit daberer.quellwasser ist inklusive - so oft ihr wollt. . Die hübschen Flaschen gibt es seit ein paar Jahren bei uns im Restaurant. Ein schönes und nachhaltiges und auch begehrtes Stück Urlaubserinnerung. Aber wie es schon oben steht ... man kann sie kaufen und muss sie nicht stehlen. Was leider viel zu oft passiert. #kopfschüttel . #soulbottle #quellwasser #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #slowliving #biohotel #quellwasser #nachhaltig #eco #ecolifestyle #daberer #noplastic #glasflasche #bewusstleben #ecoblogger #glasstattplastik #mehrwegstatteinweg #nachhaltig #ecohotel #greenliving