After much deliberation (and many amazing Gingeritas) we have an announcement... . Congratulations, @moodymixologist! Your recipe for the Strawberry Pineapple Gingerita won our Gingerita Cocktail Contest! . 1.5 oz tequila .5 oz mezcal .75 oz Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur .75 oz lime juice 3 strawberries 3 chunks of pineapple . Muddle the strawberries and pineapple with lime juice. Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice until chilled. Double strain into a chilled coupe rimmed with pink Himalayan salt. Garnish with edible spring wild flowers (lilac and bluets pictured). . Many thanks to everyone who participated! . . #BarrowsINTENSE #INTENSEginger #ginger #gingerliqueur #INTENSEgingerita #gingerita #margarita #tequila #mezcal #cocktails #mixology #imbibe #craftcocktails #libations

So, this is a pre-Prohibition cocktail from the 1895 book "Modern American Drinks." It's pretty crazy to me how we can 'channel' previous generations of bon vivants and experience cocktails enjoyed hundreds of years back. Thank goodness for the written word. 📝 . Anyway, this cocktail is the Widow's Kiss and incorporates apple brandy along with historic French liqueurs that have been around for several hundred years. This is a strong drink, with the lowest ABV ingredient being 40%, so watch out. The herbalness of the Chartreuse and Benedictine dominates the milder applejack, though it all comes together quite nicely. This is for the lover of spirituous cocktails; serve it in a frozen glass so the drink doesn't warm up too quickly (makes a HUGE difference compared to room-temperature glassware!). Even though I'll drink a daiquiri in 3 minutes flat, this one lasts me quite a while. I approve. 👍🏼 — Widow's Kiss (PDT version) • 2oz apple brandy (I used @lairdsapplejack) • .25oz Yellow Chartreuse • .25oz Benedictine (see #BarFaithBenedictine) • Couple dashes of Angostura bitters — Stir all ingredients with ice, then strain into a cold coupe . . #BarFaith #BarFaithWidowsKiss #applejack #applebrandy #brandy #classiccocktails #chartreuse #benedictine #homebar #homebartender #craftcocktail #craftcocktails #cocktailoftheday #drinkstagram

Ready for a 3 day weekend? Stop in for a Spritz, were open on Memorial Day! #theoakandvine

Tonight at 9, Olar presents a special DJ night featuring our friends DJ LoveGrove, J. Mack, & Guillermo Giraldo. A night of downtempo funk, soul, and whatever else we feel like ;7 Food, drink, and cocktail specials all night! Come and chill, drink, and dance your heart out . . . . . . . #djnight #craftbeer #craftcocktails #specials #baltimore

Weekend ready ✔️ #JMRandCo #Negroni

Starting this #memorialdayweekend over @raisedbywolvesspirits in #sandiego. Pictured here is the “Pelvic Sorcery” cocktail featuring the delicious @drinkhighwest Silver Oat Whiskey, Bloody Shiraz Liquer, Lime, Hibiscus, Absinthe and Orange Bitters. Can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend... #pelvicsorcery #drinksandiego #raisedbywolves #drinkhighwest #craftcocktails #ilovewhiskey #whiskeycocktail #dr_etoh #thedrinkdoctor

The classic Malaysian tiki cocktail. The Jungle Bird. This will make your mind go missing like a flight from Malasyia . . . 1/2 oz Jamaican Rum, 3/4 oz Campari, 2 oz pineapple juice, 1/2 oz lime juice, 1/2 oz Demerara syrup #cocktails #craftcocktails

#Distillery tours. Tomorrow. All day. See you there. #FoundingSpirits

The perfect place to spend the holiday weekend. @malibufarm looking good as always!

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Being that Brazil is a big consumer of coffee, I decided to make a Famosinha Old Fashioned with a cold brew big cube. Constantly evolving as the cube melts. Delicious! Cheers!

No work Monday means Sunday parties with @jeremih. 👏