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I don't know what it is But you're pulling me close, you're pulling me close I just want to hold you when the night is over Yeah, you know what I wanna do, wanna do what I do when I'm with you Baby, you were talking, talking, talking that talk when you came in Didn't even give a second thought who you came with I just think it's right that I tell you what's on my mind You're pulling me closer every time you move like that I could be the one to give you what you want, baby I'll do you whatever you want me to do I think it's time that we both make a move And, girl, nobody has to have a clue, clue, clue, clue, clue 'Bout what we do @austinmahone #hablamebajito #austinmahone #mahomies

Austin will be the special guest host this Thursday at @LiveUltraLounge in San Antonio, Texas. 🍻 • 18+ • Ladies free all night. • Doors opens at 10 PM. ——————————————————————————————— #AustinMahone

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