Under the bridge Cannon AE-1 | 28mm | Expired Kodak Color Plus 200

There shall come a time where you will speak melodically to the world but the world may fail to both hear you and echo harmoniously back. There will come a time when all the fruitful souls you once selflessly fed happiness to won't dance jubilantly beside you. They will instead choose to let their high spirits drown in gelid pools, be accustomed to befriending hate, be raised in its squalor and call it home. They will attempt to fall where even God cannot catch and he will cry far more tears than any man ever could. He'll shake the earth with an almighty dolor. There shall come a time that beckons you to wonder who fancies the truth and who would rather bathe an ailing mind in reverie. Where idleness becomes the latest brand in fashion. Where labor and gratitude, side by side could never again be considered worth the while. There shall come a day when the people do not wish to rise with a variegated alluring sun and celebrate life in cerelean rich skies, but would rather settle for the vitriolic sounds darkness makes when she is not fed. There shall come a day. Hearts locked like panic rooms, catty eyes ready for the crimson floods of Armageddon. There shall come a day. Yet amongst it all, be still and know there shall still be good. There shall still be love. Look for it always. Do not follow around the ones who merely wish to wait until the very end to find peace. Don't. #blacklivesmatter #blackcreatives #youngblackartists #QPOC #melaninglow #problack #oneofthem #gendernonconforming #androgynous #lgbtq #queerpride #darksentencesmagazine #urbexfashion #urbexpeople #abandonedafterdark #gotrespassing #decay_nation #grime_nation #abandoned_junkies #moodygrams #writersonig #spokenword #writersnetwork

"I'm a moth Who just wants to share your light I'm just an insect Trying to get out of the night.."🥀 taken by @jennacide84 #abandonedplaces #abandon_seekers_ #abandoned_junkies #abandonedamerica #urbex #urbexpeople #abandonedportraits #forgotten #urbandecay #lefttodie

“I'm looking for a place to start And everything feels so different now. Just grab a hold of my hand I will lead you through this wonderland. Water up to my knees But sharks are swimming in the sea. Just follow my yellow light And ignore all those big warning signs. Somewhere deep in the dark A howling beast hears us talk. I dare you to close your eyes And see all the colors in disguise. Running into the night The earth is shaking and I see a light. The light is blinding my eyes As the soft walls eat us alive.” Late post but had fun with @bro.i.just_ and @supkrissy and PC: @supkrissy #mill #fun #oldcars #abandonedplaces #abandoned_junkies #abandedcars